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2017 US Pond Hockey Championships

My USPHC experience 

Why I put myself through this

by Brett "Mucker" Whiting

Every year, as I sit on my foldout chair waiting the next shift at the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships, at some point I say out loud, “What are we doing here?” Usually when the other team is running up the score and I’m huffing trying to catch my breath.


What was I doing there?

But a few days after the event, I looked back and remembered...That was an absolute blast.

Not getting lit up 18-1 by the defending Rink Rat Champions, Minnesota Inline. But, walking across a frozen lake to play outdoor hockey is pretty cool.

Having Breakfast with the guys at the Hot Plate on Saturday morning is always nice or having lunch at the 5-8 on Sunday afternoon. (Seriously, the PigPen burger is so good.)


Listening to my teammate, ‘TIMMAY’, say he stayed in the shower Saturday night until he emptied the hot water tank is pretty funny. Or making a plan that if we were losing too badly, that we would just shoot the puck out of the rink and across Lake Nokomis. “That will keep the score down”

One of our fans hollered out, “Hey guys, you are supposed to shoot down there”  as she pointed to the goal box that had no one near it. “You’re not helping our confidence” one of us replied.

I didn’t enjoy seeing my teammate ‘D-Day’, three feet in the air, parallel to the earth, about to come crashing down to the ice.

That looked like it hurt. And Slick hitting a pothole and getting crumpled like an accordion made us wince. 

But I was on a high after I scored a goal against the defending champs, I shouldn’t have raised my arms and hollered, “I’m awesome at this!” cause, I’m not.

Some of our beer league teammates ask why we keep going back. Well,  I’m not exactly sure. Maybe I just like eating hotdogs out of a thermos out on a frozen lake.

My four year old daughter was pretty excited that I score 2 of our 8 total goals in the tournament.

I got a pretty cool high five for that.

I think the most important part, the key if you will., is I get to hang out with quality guys. Good teammates, that even while we are losing are having fun, laughing it up, talking to the people, cracking jokes non-stop for 30 hours.


I’m just plain grateful for those 7 guys.


That is Shame on Ice hockey


4th line agitator on a 3 line team



2017 U.S. Pond Hockey Championships 

Shame on Ice:

Knuckles, Grumpy, Slick, Target, TIMMAY, D-Day, Cincher and Mucker

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