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There's NOTHING like Playoff Hockey!

It is almost that time of year where you’ll find me on my couch with my TV on one game, laptop playing another, tablet showing yet another. Hockey at it’s finest!

Hockey overload you say?? Oh no. It’s just me wanting to catch every pass, every hit and every goal and hopefully a game 7 or two! A game 7 in the NHL playoffs has no comparison when it comes to professional sports. World Series? Snoozer. Super Bowl? Please, everyone only watches for the commercials. And the NBA… gees, who gives a shit about the NBA. A game 7 in the NHL is exciting because any team can win no matter what the regular season was like. And if that game 7 goes into overtime? Full periods with no commercials where one team season could be over with 1 shot? Any real sports fan can’t deny that is the ultimate in competition.

It is also when the stars shine. And no one, and I’ll repeat NO ONE showed up more often than the greatest hockey player of all time.. The Great One… Wayne Gretzky. 208 total playoff games played, 122 goals and 260 assists. That’s 382 freaking points in 208 games!!! Are you kidding?? And of the 122 goals, 11 were short handed and 24 were game winning. That is just mind boggling to even comprehend. For those of you that weren’t able to see him in action I feel for you. Currently you’ll see small glimpses of greatness. The Great 8 scoring 50+, Sid the Kid deflecting in an OT win

ner in the Olympics or Patty Kane in a shoot out. But even their statistics as good as they are don’t even compare. Take all of them and mush them together and you might get half the player of the Great One.

Yes, the goalies weren’t as good as they are now but the game was different then. Back then was the days of the clutching and grabbing, slower speeds and wood sticks. But it wasn’t that he scored a lot of goals, he did. It was that he almost ALWAYS had twice as many assists as goals. Amazing. Who wouldn’t want to play with this guy??!!!

So tomorrow night, you’ll know where I’ll be. I wonder what kind of greatness we’ll be witness to??

Man I LOVE playoff hockey!


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