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Shame On Ice Update

One More - Game 19

by Brett "Mucker" Whiting

“Don't mess up”  Grumpy interrupts

“Seven, Eight….. oh come on, I need to start over”   Mucker Grumbles

“What are you guys doing?”  Freight Train wonders

“One, Two, Three…” The 4th line agitator begins again.

Shame on Ice (14-2-3-0) will complete their 2016-2017 Winter Beer League (WBL) season tomorrow evening at Breck Arena.   Shame is riding an unprecedented 10 game winning streak.


“I’m thoroughly disappointed in the team penalty minute total”  Hacksaw Johnson communicates during the weekly presser.

“We are trying to play a smarter, cleaner brand of hockey.”  Gonzo (20 PIMs) convinces himself.

“This clean brand of hockey is for the birds.”  Lightning states via social media

“Shame is turning over a new leaf.”  Wizard (20 PIMs) chimes in

"Penalties should be in increments of two, five and ten !!"  Sheriff lays down the law

“We're walking the straight and narrow.”  Rogaine (20 PIMs) adds

"Works for me." Slick approves

“Trying to go Legit and mend one’s ways.”   Scooter (16 PIMs) contributes

“Screw that, I’m hitting people!”  D-Day (22 PIM’s) confirms the truth.


Wizard currently leads the team in Goals (15) and points (25).

Tether has 3 PowerPlays goals and 3 Shamers are all tied with 10 assists each (Wizard, Flash and Rogaine)


A Shame on Ice victory would seal a #1 seed in C2 East.


Gametime Saturday is 7:45pm, as Shame on Ice take on the Chaos (10-7-1-1).

The Chaos will attempt to be spoilers as they have been eliminated from the Winter Beer League playoffs. 


Good seats are still available.


“I’m telling yah, I’m hitting people.”  D-Day eyes 30 PIMs.

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