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Shame On Ice Update


by Brett "Mucker" Whiting

“Remember back in 2003 when we started this whole thing?”  Grumpy recalls with Target.

“The New Jersey Devils defeated the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, BooYah!”  Mucker looks around for a high five.

"Annika Sorenstam won the LPGA Championship” TIMMAY Timmays.

“The Do Not Call List was enacted.”  Bedtime stories

“Pirates of the Caribbean was released in theatres.”  Flash remembers

“Katharine Hepburn passed away.”  Sheriff tweets

“Stamps were 37 cents each”  Buckshot Snapchats

“You know we didn’t start the team until 2004, right?”  Tank corrects


After hundreds of Winter Beer League (WBL) hockey games, Shame on Ice finally returns to the WBL playoffs next week.  Shame looks to improve their all-time playoff record of (3 wins, 8 losses and 2 losses in overtime)


“That’s not real good.”  Captain Tether points out.


Shame on Ice enters the 2016-2017 playoffs with injuries to critical components of their defense.

Gonzo suffered a leg injury and is listed as (week to week)


“It was a million to one shot doc”  Gonzo told his health care professional as they removed the errant projectile shot from a nail gun.  “Million to one shot”


D-Day and Spaulding will miss the Shame’s opening playoff game with two sports injuries. 


“Bowler’s thumb and “Bowler’s toe” Hacksaw reads the injury report.

“That’s not real” Diesel shakes her head

“It’s a thing. “Mucker keeps typing.


Wednesday evening, April 5th, Shame on ice (15-2-3-0) host the Fighting Loons (10-8-2-0) at Breck Arena in Beautiful Golden Valley.   Puck Drops at 9:30pm

This is the first of three games of pool play.  Only the top team of the pool will move into the Championship game on Sunday, April 9th

The Fighting Loons are led by their goalie who has saved 92% of the shots he faced and only allowed an average of 2.13 goals per game.

The Fighting Loons top two goals scorers:  # 82 (13 tallies in 16 games) and # 25 (9 tallies in 18 games)

They have stayed out of the penalty box with a combined 116 Minutes in Penalties (PIMS) for the season compared to Shame’s 164 (PIMS)


“Remember back in 2008 when I had 60 Minutes in Penalties (PIMS) all by myself?”  Hacksaw recalls

“Good Times!”   Mucker stops typing for a brief moment.

“Yeah, that was the last time you washed your gear too.”  Diesel pokes.


Shame on Ice will play with a short bench as they try to extend their unprecedented winning streak, currently 11.

Good seats are still available.


Game 2 vs Sled Dogs (11-8-1-0)  

Friday (4/7) 6:45pm at Bloomington Ice Gardens (rink 1)


Game 3 vs Maroons (11-7-1-1)  

Saturday (4/8) 3pm at Bloomington Ice Gardens (rink 3)



Shame on Ice Hockey

Winning Attitude, Losing Tradition

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