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Shame On Ice Update

Playoffs - Game 1

by Brett "Mucker" Whiting

“But Doc, I’m good, I’m ok”  Gonzo pleads with his health care professional

“Shut it down son.”  Doctor Nikolas Van Helsing instructs.

“Damn Shame”  Gonzo concedes.

Wednesday night, Shame on Ice opened the Winter Beer League (WBL) playoff series against the Fighting Loons at Breck arena, located in beautiful Golden Valley.


“Ok, Ok, What if we order our food now”  Shame Goalie Target asked the manager of JJ’s Clubhouse 3 hours prior to game-time.

“I guess you can”  Manager Jill replies

“Chicken Tenders and Pepperoni Pita Pizza please.”  Mucker orders from the bar just prior to playing Shame hockey.

“So you guys promise to come back after your game”  Manager Jill confirms

“Oh Yah, you betcha”  Mucker Minnesotans.


Shame on Ice didn’t wait for the capacity crowd (3) to return from the concession stand as they tallied the first goal 61 seconds into the game. 

Scored by Flash (7), assisted by Rogaine (14).   132 seconds later FreightTrain (2) blasted in a shot from the point assisted by Captain Tether (4) and Wizard (12).

The first period scoring culminated with 5:23 left in the stanza, FreightTrain (3) assisted by Diesel (5).

Shame on Ice outshot the Fighting Loons 15-1 in the first period.


“It's really something to order your food prior to playing a beer league hockey game, avoiding kitchen close.”   Mucker tucks a napkins into his jersey.

“Two more periods to play, Mucker”  Bezerker points to the game clock.

“Don’t tell anyone, but I stashed some Pepperidge Farm cookies in the penalty box.”   Mucker winks at FreightTrain.


The Fighting Loons mounted a comeback in the second period, scoring goals at the 14:15 and 7:32 marks of the period.

Shame had a steady stream of players spending 2 minutes at a time in the sin bin.

Freight Train (Slashing to eat a sleeve of Milanos), Mucker (Tripping to eat a sleeve of Chessman) and Rogiane (Tripping to eat a sleeve of Tahiti’s)

With 3:01 left in the second period, Rogaine (6) extended the Shame lead, assisted by Bezerker (5)


“Chessman are the best”   Mucker eyes a return trip to the Fortress of Solitude

“Hacksaw will be proud that you flipped that guy upside down. “TIMMAY Timmays.

"The Sample pack was a good call."  FreightTrain approves.

“Focus”  Captain Tether barks.


The Fighting Loons ran out of steam in the third period and Shame extended their lead.  

Captain Tether (17) scored an unassisted goal with 6:38 left in the game.

Bezerker (3) sealed the game with 4:18 left, assisted by Scooter (10) and TIMMAY (3)

The Loons smelled sugar and sent three members to the penalty box during the third period.


“The Chessman, they're eating the Chessman”   Mucker panicked from the bench, kicking the outside of the penalty box.


Shame on Ice defeated the Fighting Loons by a score of 6-2.  

With a single victory in pool play,Shame takes on the Sled Dogs (0-1) Friday evening at the Bloomington Ice Gardens. Puck drops at 6:45pm

The Sled Dogs (0-1) were defeated by the Maroons (1-0) Wednesday evening.


Injury Update: 


Gonzo has been ruled out for the playoffs

D-Day and Spaulding are scheduled to return from their bowling injuries.

Mucker is out for Friday’s game with an ‘Undisclosed Lower Body Injury’


“They ate all the Chessman”  Mucker limps into JJ's Clubhouse, in beautiful Golden Valley.


Good seats are still available.

Shame on Ice Hockey

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